City Ignores its Own Park Rules

The Board of Park Commissioners of the City of Springfield… and the City Council of Springfield, hereby states the following prohibitions…

To throw refuse of any kind into any lake, stream, swimming pool, or other body of water.

A white bag of household garbage floats in the water at the Armory Street bridge. October 2013.

Park staff staff had to stand where I took this shot when they emptied the trash barrel here on Friday.

A bright orange shopping cart in the pond at Van Horn Park.

This cart was on shore for days until someone threw it in the water. I left a message with the Park Ranger reporting it in early September.


2 thoughts on “City Ignores its Own Park Rules

  1. I too despair, bad behaviour, no compassion and a selfish attitude make me think humans just won’t be around on this planet for that long – and serves them right! What a mess we are leaving the place in!
    James 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment James, and here’s a little good news: The mess in those images had disappeared by sunrise Saturday. – I pretty much agree with your surmise that the human species with its unrelenting war on nature has engineered its own end. – But as long as life and beauty remains, those of us with hearts will be touched by it. So we may get angry, but we needn’t despair.

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