Cities & Nature

Springfield, MA Parks and Recreation

You understand the management philosophy when you take the Parks Survey. My favorite item asks if the city should: “Make parks safer from wild animals.”

Green City: Kaid Benfield’s Blog
Distressed city neighborhoods need green investment for community, environment

Green City: NRDC Helps Build a Better Chicago

Nature in the City
A San Francisco organization that promotes awareness about the rich, local biodiversity, connects people with Nature where they live and restores wild habitats.

Land for Urban Wildlife Inc.
In Concord, California and dedicated to the preservation of habitat for urban wildlife and to the education of people on the benefits of wildlife and natural areas for the urban culture.

National Parks Service Center for Urban Ecology
Resources, education in parks management

The Nature Conservancy –

Birds and the City: Urban Biodiversity, Land Use, and Socioeconomics  –



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