Hello, my name is Christine Roane and thanks for visiting A Walk in the Park.

Wild places in nature sustain us physically, mentally and spiritually. Nowhere is nature more under siege than in thickly-settled, paved-over, noisy, smelly, toxic urban areas. And nowhere is nature more needed.

I live in Springfield, Massachusetts, a city fortunate to have more public green space than most. I live within blocks of Van Horn Park, which contains a pond, coniferous and deciduous trees, and which is still home to some native flora and fauna, despite the punishing practices of city stewards.

I love this community resource passionately, as do neighbors who exercise, contemplate, seek a breath of fresh air, watch birds, walk dogs, or stroll with little ones here. As a writer and naturalist, I record what I see in Van Horn. This blog is an effort to celebrate the park’s plants, birds, mammals, fish, and other lifeforms. It’s also to note the ugly acts of malicious people, but most of all, I hope to inspire a re-thinking in city government of inappropriate, wasteful and destructive practices in park ‘maintenance.’

The quality of life in the city of Springfield, in other cities in Massachusetts, and across the world depend on nurturing life in what little scraps of nature that remain. The tools for intelligent, cost effective and environmentally sustainable stewardship exist. All that is needed is the vision and will to make it so.



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  1. Nice. I think I share your feelings for nature in the city. I live on the Chicago lakefront. I ride my bike there pretty much every day, so I have a wonderful feeling of sharing nature, seeing ducks, squirrels, foliage change. It’s a wonderful break from the hustle/bustle of the city proper.

    • Thanks for your comment, Tony, – and it’s great to hear from the city of Chicago. I hope you keep getting outside (winter can make that tough) and that in 2013 more residents, city planners and agencies realize nature is a resource that needs good stewardship.

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