Caring for Nature is Caring for People

Well, on the plus side, someone, I will presume it was Springfield’s Parks Department, finally removed the trash barrel and the two toddler ride-on toys from the small end pond in Van Horn. – On the other hand, all the plastic bottles, cans and other trash were left floating, because…?

So to keep positive, click through to this interview at the uplifting Yes! magazine about solutions for “Nature Deficit Disorder”.

I hope one day that the City of Springfield will get the gist of the article that – “Taking care of nature means taking care of people—and taking care of people means taking care of nature.” Presuming, again, that anyone in city government has an interest.


One thought on “Caring for Nature is Caring for People

  1. I read the article with Kenny Ausubel and I like it, we need more folk like him.
    Perhaps Springfield’s Parks Dept. will clean the bottles and cans next time. I think they get a “job” to complete like removing the big items but don’t think to include and move the other trash – they probably look at that as another job for another day – infuriating I know!

    Keep up the good work 🙂 James.

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