Worshipping The Machine

Walked solo today as the sun took its time to rise. Crows rule in winter, more vocal and more numerous than other wild things. Yet cardinals pipped away, in love with dawn (and dusk). Chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and woodpeckers had business as well.

Since yesterday, I thought the city might have cleared the sidewalk, but no. My boots squeaked, crunched and slid and I prayed my ankles would not twist as I made a slow progress along Armory Street. I had time to contemplate that clean, clear and dry stretch of asphalt next to me slavishly maintained for cars and trucks.

What of human beings who wish to, or who must walk? I thought of the elders who would be unable to get their exercise. I thought of mothers for whom pushing a babe in stroller would be impossible. I thought of the anxious worker worried that he or she would be late for a shift. And though it’s vacation time, I know children walk here to school and bus stops. – I hope the city may spare a thought for them, too one day.


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