Field Notes: June 7

2012 [Sunny; 73°]
Mammals: Eastern Chipmunk (8); Eastern Gray Squirrel (10; I killed by vehicle)
Birds: American Robin (14); Red-winged Blackbird; Chickadee; Common Grackle (6); Blue Jay; Woodpecker (knocks & calls); House Sparrows (6); (Mallard Duck (2 male & female); Canada Goose (3 adults); Eastern Phebe (or swift, or flycatcher)
Others: Fish (an 8” individual was struggling for to breathe on a man’s fishing line); crab-type spider; cabbage white butterflies; beetles; ants

2011 [Sunny; 65°]
Mammals: Eastern Chipmunk (10); Eastern Gray Squirrel (11 including a black morph)
Birds: American Robin (15); Tufted Titmouse; Chickadee; Mourning Dove; Red-winged Blackbird; Common Grackle (5); Catbird; Blue Jay; Starling; House Sparrow; Red-bellied & other woodpeckers; Wood Duck; Canada Goose (13 adult & 7 young)
Others: Snapping Turtle & Painted Turtle (laying eggs!); Bullfrog; Gnats

2010 [Sunny; 75°]
Mammals: Cottontail Rabbit; Eastern Gray Squirrel (2); Eastern Chipmunk (2)
Birds: American Robin; Catbird; Mallard Duck (6 adult & 6 young); Canada Goose (8+ adult &? young)

2009 [Sun & Cloud; 68°]
Mammals: Eastern Gray Squirrel (6)
Birds: Mourning Dove; American Robin; Red-winged Blackbird; Blue Jay; Common Grackle; Chickadee; Catbird; Oriole; Hermit Thrush (2); Northern Flicker; Canada Goose (8+ adult &4+young)
Others: Snapping Turtle (laying eggs!); Small frogs; Fish (many)


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