“a white guy with a chain saw”

On Friday an unmarked  maroon automobile appeared where the asphalt branches at the top of ‘blueberry hill.’  Since motorized vehicles are not allowed in here, I was ticked off to have my precious moments of quiet spoiled. Sometimes annoyance is overshadowed by other issues.

The driver slowed when the driver perceived our approach, a pale face called out the open window,

“Did you see a white guy with a chain saw?”

Seriously. My brain reeled. Would it be equally important if there was a Black guy, or a Latino, or Asian guy with a chainsaw? What about if it was a woman? Probably, the concern was the chainsaw. Maybe he had a lost a partner for a chainsawing date?

I just said, “no” and watched the car drive off. A few minutes later a police cruiser drove  through, so something was up. When we made the stretch that paralleled a side street, people were standing around another cruiser and a uniformed officer seemed to asking questions.

I thought back to the day another of our blue knights tried to discourage our progress by saying he was staying the hell out of the park because he wasn’t going to risk getting “a gun stuck in his face” by a pair of fugitive robbers (though we were free to do so). However, no one here paid attention as we walked by. Maybe it was the trees that were being threatened by unhinged individual with a power tool? I never found out.

The biggest threat to trees and to natural resources in this city, however, isn’t from crazy persons (of whatever skin tone), but from the prevailing insane and unsustainable management practices.

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One thought on ““a white guy with a chain saw”

  1. If there is a guy walking around the park with a chainsaw, with multiple people searching for them, the fact that they used race as a descriptive is the least of the things I harp on. In fact, I would love as much detail as possible so I know what to look out for.

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