Stripping the Woods Continues

Overcast and mild, so I hoped a quiet walk might lift my spirits (illness in family). The park gate was flung wide to traffic and the trash barrel collar rested on the stone wall as I entered. I hoped the parks crew was just emptying the rubbish, – but past Greenwood School I saw they were instead emptying the park of every piece of brush that could offer food, cover or home to wildlife in Van Horn Park.

I counted more than 14 piles of brush along the way…a small yellow dozer…2 GINORMOUS dump trunks (one with a trailer) and at least 3 other van/truck-like vehicles. Needless to say, no quiet, no fresh air, no succor here.

Another note: This morning Mass Wildlife issued a public call for help with its wood duck nest box program – and I think sadly of the pair that raised broods in Van Horn from 2004 to 2010. I saw wood ducks but a few times in 2011 and no young at all.


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