Imagine – Vision from Chicago

Happy New Year readers! And what a fine day, too. Bright sun and 50-degree temperatures made for a lovely (and quiet) walk with my daughter. Encountered more folks than usual, – out with their dogs, kids on the playground equipment, a couple holding hands, some runners – all enjoying the park. And my buoyant mood continues…

I just read a piece,The bold urban future starts now and one of the examples is great – Governor Quinn Announces Millennium Reserve Initiative in Calumet Region of Chicago. One of key objectives is this:

Improving the Environment by:
– Managing and restoring the 6,000 acres of natural areas that contain important high-quality biological communities and support over 20 rare plants and 40 rare animal species.
– Completing and connecting 53 miles of trails and wildlife corridors throughout the area, and promoting public access and recreational opportunities.
– Expanding and connecting natural areas and habitats in a system of Green Infrastructure.

Imagine Springfield waking up like Chicago in 2012…


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