They just say, “keep cuttin”

The loveliness of Van Horn Park has been rendered a nightmare for another week of walks. Bear in mind, all hazards for people walking have been removed WEEKS ago.

Today there were TWO crews of tree cutters. Contractor vehicles listed company addresses in Indiana and Georgia. It’s not just limbs they are pushing into the fragile strips of habitat to cut, but entire trees. At least two healthy trunks were  felled with diameters of 24″ and nearly 30  inches. They took years to grow and seconds to die at the hands of men with chain saws.

A man on the ground with the second crew kindly signaled the guy in the basket, the guy in the dump trunk, and the guy in the 4X4 to allow my daughter and myself to pass.Trying to keep a light tone, I asked, Is there going to be anything left when you’re done?

He replied with an affable southern drawl, I don’t know. They keep callin’ and sayin’ come back in; keep cuttin.’

Nature is responsible for an awful toll on life-supporting trees this year, but humans  destroyed much of what remained, leaving small creatures not killed by tree falls and heavy machinery to freeze and starve over winter. The city authorities will claim this was all necessary –  to make the park safe for people. The people whose daily lives include the park, know that is rubbish.


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