The October snowstorm is weeks behind us, but its killing results have so pained me that I couldn’t write a word. No tree in the city was left untouched. In Van Horn, one trunk of considerable girth, split in three pieces from top to bottom. Everywhere are gaping wounds from great limbs torn off. Scanning skyward, lightly damaged trees have dangling branches with leafy heads downward, that look like spears of broccoli. I haven’t taken a single picture.

Van Horn Park has been officially closed (presumably because of hazards posed by tree damage). However, the ‘regulars’ have been continuing their daily rituals, but everyone’s had to adjust to contractors who have been chain-sawing, bull-dozing, and otherwise disturbing / destroying the habitat for the animals who survived the storm – seven days a week. The removal of the dead trunks, limbs and brush will pretty much guarantee few creatures will survive the winter here.

These “tree experts” apparently receive no professional instruction on the repercussions of their work. If they just cleared hazards from the asphalt path for humans and left nature to heal, suffering would have been mitigated.  But no, the city with a self-described “green mayor” ordered extra contractor expense, extra pollution, and extra destruction.


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