Geese abandon pond

As my daughter and I headed up the first loop through the park yesterday, we slowed our pace as a raucous wave of honking washed over us. I got excited about seeing geese in Van Horn once more.  I wanted to bid them my traditional Good bye and good luck! until the spring.  But the sound was coming from overhead, the birds passed unseen in the overcast sky.

It’s raining today as I look over my notes. I found Canada Geese present in Van Horn through November 22 in 2010. This year I last  recorded a single goose on August 24; a gang  of 4 hung around until August 17, but the group I’ve observed well into autumn every year since 2003,  disappeared a week before that (August 9). I never got to say good-bye. I wonder if there will be a return.


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