Absent ducks & geese…dead raccoon

Getting back to walking after the the terrible heat and things seem changed. Early mornings are quiet, few birds and few chipmunk calls, – fewer Robins even. Though I observed six adult geese with six juveniles (12 total) on the big pond yesterday; today no sign at all. And as I’ve mentioned before, this is the first year in the 8 I’ve been here, that I’ve seen no ducklings, and now no adult ducks either. Sad, too, a raccoon was killed by a car on Armory Street, and I can’t help thinking it was one of the pair of kits born this spring.

The ‘Indian Pipes” from my earlier post are brown and dead. The wetland spot I dubbed the ‘bog of eternal stench’ (for its earthy odor) is dry again now. That happened for the first time (after 6 years)  in 2010.

The human idiocy remains the same. I picked up four (4) plastic, drug-baggies and the usual plastic bottles, Newport cigarette boxes, cigar and candy wrappers, and a new thing, – a single serving packet for a strawberry daquri “with alcohol.” – Also, a Parks Maintenance guy was disturbing the peace and spewing gasoline fumes along the Armory Street strip of grass. As my daughter and I walked by on the opposite side of the street (picking up garbage as we went), he managed to MOW AROUND the plastic top and straw from a huge fast-food drink (the cup was in the gutter tossed by some passing motorist).  –Anyone want to bet it will still be there tomorrow?


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