After the rain

It rained most of last week, however it was sunny and lovely this morning, but oddly quiet. I discerned the telltale signs that the Parks Dept. had ridden through performing the vital service of blowing trash into the woods and water. Yet maybe the city management is not completely bent on destroying wildlife. Here is a newly created breeding area for mosquitoes…

Erosion by trucks creates a mosquito breeding area

Erosion by trucks creates a mosquito breeding area

…right next to the children’s playground.

Though the Parks Dept. staff had finished, we encountered an unmarked police patrol car and I was grateful, grateful that there was no dog. On prior occasions, a cruiser came up silently behind us and when it got along side… furious barking erupted, launching me several inches into the air.  The officer drove on without a word, the German Shepherd’s maw pressing against the back seat window. This must have been amusing, as the officer repeated the behavior on subsequent days.

Lastly, I was hoping still to see evidence that ducks had bred this year. A group of six mallard drakes with three females was in the big pond, but as we slide into July, still no young.


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