Northern Mockingbird & Hawk Again

Hawk high in maple tree.

Hawk sits high in maple tree.

The first unusual visitor I saw was a Northern Mockingbird, quite puffed up against the 10-degree cold at 7:30 this morning. Then my eye caught the large, rounded object on a branch in a maple tree.

The hawk sat watching for 90 minutes.

The hawk sat watching for 90 minutes.

I believe this is the same hawk I’ve seen here before. I was astonished the raptor tolerated me pulling the blinds up the entire window…then propping the door open to aim my camera at it…even letting the cat out.

The backyard denizens did not vanish in terror, which made me nervous. Squirrels skittered up and down tree trunks. A dozen and more pigeons settled down to peck around the feeders. Blue jays grabbed peanuts from the deck. When a couple of crows landed near, I expected them to complain, but they left, as though bored.

I had the coffee pot in my grip when I heard that distinct cry. I rushed to the window…but the hawk had flown. It was just after 9:00 AM.


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