Biggest skunk EVER

Last evening, I stepped out onto the deck to grab an empty cat food dish and became aware of an animal presence in the snow beneath the bird feeders. I instinctively assumed it was a cat, but not my cat…maybe, the neighborhood’s black-and-white tom… With a few seconds more my eyes adjusted to the dimness. I discerned LONG fur, broadly white down the back, and freaked out a little.

I have seen many, many skunks and this was the biggest mother I’ve ever laid eyes on, from nose to tail tip, it was 3 feet (36 inches) (I gauged this knowing my two feeder poles are 2 feet apart).

Coming back inside the house, I called my daughter to witness. We both watched transfixed as the skunk, finished looking for sunflower seed, “swam” through the snow, making circles around the two big maple trees and coming around again until it disappeared at the yard’s far corner, where there is a space between fences.


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