Snow and cold

Spent the better part of the last two weeks digging the house, sidewalks and driveway out of snow. Not enough time and energy to make it to the park.

The storm before yesterday’s brought sleet and freezing temperatures that left a hard crust on the snow. This means birds, like the Carolina Wren,  (in my yard two days) can starve to death. Don’t want that to happen, so I’ve been keeping the feeders filled and water accessible.

Twice in as many weeks, a skunk; sprayed outside. The first night made TV watching a bit unpleasant. The last episode was so gaggingly pungent, the critter might as well have been inside the house. The next morning, with smell lingering, I went into the basement to peer out the window under the front porch. The perimeter was completely snowed in, but in the drift near the front stairs were tracks. These could also be from an opossum (a frequent visitor), but I’m pretty sure I found the smoking butt. The exposed leaf litter by the foundation may have attracted the digging forager…and something must have spooked it.

A hawk was hanging out in the trees one day, but I couldn’t get a positive ID. Past visitors include the Red Tailed Hawk and Coopers Hawk. The most common entree here is pigeon. On this day, the feeders were deserted.


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