Before the big snow

The month started with 40-degree days, but it was breezy, making it feel colder. Since digging out of 18 – 24 inches of white stuff over days…I haven’t made it back to Van Horn. So, I’ll note the highlights.

Saw a hawk on a tree branch with the body of a squirrel in its talons. (This may explain the cacophony of crying squirrels.) I suspect this is the same hawk I saw on the ground having a meal the week before. I let it alone, then returned to the spot (a la CSI) and found only a small tuft of grey fur.

Amazingly…a WHITE morph was interacting with a group of gray squirrels (4 Jan). It was in view several minutes, and I left my camera at home. Argh This is the second sighting, in two years.

On the 11th, three ducks flew overhead. Though the big water is iced over, early in the month, two pairs of mallards were visiting a little open spot at the small pond. In prior years, once the ice came, the ducks were gone until spring.

Spotted a Northern Mockingbird on 2 Jan, not usual this time of year. The usual bird species include chickadee, titmouse, dove, junco, nuthatch, crow, woodpeckers, jay and hawks.

I’m hoping to get back out soon, but snow and snow / sleet is predicted to begin overnight and go through tomorrow adding another 6 to 8 inches to what we’ve got already.


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